About Jeff Speakman's Kenpo 5.0

Kenpo 5.0 is not a diluted martial art, as is common nowadays! We push people to work hard, bringing them up to Mr Speakman’s pre-set standards to become part of the global Kenpo 5.0 family while becoming highly skilled on the journey.

Ultimately our focus is on making sure our people can protect themselves and their loved ones on the more violent streets of today, with how we look and what people think of us being secondary.
Rest assured, we still have fun, get fit, gain confidence and develop strong bonds at the same time. These though are byproducts of a great system…not selling points as with many…or even all that is really offered!
Ask yourself… honestly…what would you do in a potentially violent situation? Without experience, most of what just flashed through your mind will not work, and it will be too late by the time you discover that! We are here to get you prepared…
UK reps Paul Leworthy and Fran Lewis
UK Representatives Paul Leworthy and Fran Lewis
Juniors: many styles and clubs see juniors as a revenue stream, while many parents use clubs as opportunities to occupy their kids. We don’t do that! We will teach juniors properly to develop a high level of skill that is fully parentally supported. The level of skill of many Kenpo 5.0 juniors globally is off the chart and all that prevents your child achieving the same level is hard work and support. Ultimately it is about their safety, now and for a lifetime…and for your peace of mind.
Message us to discuss their potential futures…