Jeff Speakman’s 5.0 Fighter

Open to all styles of martial artist, Jeff Speakman’s ‘5.0 Fighter’ competition format encompasses traditional events like forms (kata) and self defence routines, as well as ‘5.0 Fighting’.

‘5.0 Fighting’ consists of a points format involving stand up and ground content, with two corner referees using red and blue clickers to score the stand up points and the centre referee scoring points on the ground. Contact is heavy around the thighs, shin area, sides and front of the trunk – and groin! Head contact is controlled and limited to the sides of the head with ridge hand, conventional backfist or sighted spinning backfist – NO punches to the head.

Kicks to the head are controlled and use the same targets as above, mustn’t ‘rock’ the head excessively and the depth of penetration must be limited. Nothing must cross the centreline in a wild fashion.

If fights go to the ground a fighter scores by advancing his position, as per the rules, and if he achieves a submission that isn’t the end of the bout the fighter stand and just keep going.

It’s a great format. Get involved and see.

Last year’s event.


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